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TOMO HE Hydroshort Surfboard (Special Order)

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Expect 4-14 weeks for delivery on special orders depending if they can be transferred from another location or if they have to be made.
  • Ability: Beginner - Expert
  • Bottom Contours: Q.I.S.C - Quad Inside Single Concave
  • Rails: Medium
  • Ideal Wave Size: 1-5ft

Next generation performance with consideration for artificial waves. The Hydroshort is next generation Tomo Shortboard design. Inspiredby the functional aesthetic of the Hydronaut, The Hydroshort is tuned for maximum performance in small to medium waves. Highlighted by the ultra-modern ‘torpedo nose ‘profile the Hydroshort has an incredible rail to rail flow and low swing weight at the front end which translates to a feeling of instant response. Coupled with a clean continuous, (medium) rocker curve and the Quad inside single concave (QISC) the Hydroshort is ready for maximum wave attack with tremendous burst of speed. Squash tail version is slightly favorable to flatter face and weaker wave conditions.