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Sale CJ Nelson "The Haven" Thunderbolt Red Longboard


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The Haven by Wayne Rich X CJ Nelson knows no boundaries. Combining everything Wayne and CJ know about long boarding, we blended performance rails with rockers of tomorrow, added a wide nose with dramatic noseriding concave, and put some aggressive edge in the tail. The result is truly special and unique. A board that does it all, in nearly every condition.  This board tip rides with the best of them and slices turns on a dime. This is one of the most unique and user-friendly longboards in the world today. Take it anywhere and ride it with confidence.

9’1″ x 22 1/2″ x 3″ (69 L)
Width 12″ from nose: 18 5/8 ”
Width 12″ from tail: 14″

9’4″ x 23″ x 3 1/8″ (73 L)
Width 12″ from nose: 18 15/16″
Width 12″ from tail: 14 5/16″

9’11” x 23 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ (84 L)
Width 12″ from nose:  19 1/4″
Width 12″ from tail: 14 5/16″

Thunderbolt Red

Single Fin System OR 2+1 Fin System

Shaper: Wayne Rich

Xeon Fiberglass


  • Blend of traditional fiberglass and opaque pigment to give that classic look.
  • Flex characteristics… Most amount of flex out of all of our lamination process. Immediate addiction warning.
  • Traditional look with space-age feel.