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Turbo Tunnel Single Fins

Due to its unique design the TURBO TUNNEL(TM) not only provides forward direction and horizontal control, it provides all important vertical control which gives you unbelievable nose rides, smoother turns, more stability and increased down the line speed.

Please refer to the Turbo Tunnel Fin Size Chart to help choose the right fin size. 

Black (GFN)

The 7.5", 8.5" and the 9.5" Black glass filled nylon (GFN) Turbo Tunnel(TM) Fins are strong, durable, high performance fins that are designed with a very little flex component that deliver powerful down the line turns, longer nose-rides and more whitewater control than any flat fin design can provide


The 7.5", 8.5" and 9.5" Lexan(TM) Turbo Tunnel(TM) fins are very strong, durable high performance fins that have been designed with approximately 20% more flex than the GFN models giving the rider a little more snap in their turns,along with long nose rides and more white water control.

Depending on your preference, the 8.5" Turbo Tunnel Fin may be used as a single fin or a 2+1 set-up with a set of 6cm Turbo Thruster side fins from Surf Incorporated.