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Brother Pro Fish Surfboard Tinted Color '23

Dimensions: 5 9 x 21.38 x 2.5

Price:  $ 799.00 
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Pro-fish ~ Curvy yet performance driven

"This board is a stable in our lineup, and can be ridden in a variety of different waves.

We took the outline of a 1970s Retro Fish and totally modernized it. Giving the board a modern rocker and rails makes our fish perform more like a modern day shortboard than a traditional fish. We moved the fins back on the board as well to create insane amounts of drive, paired with high aspect upright fins this board pivots top to bottom allowing you to surf it more aggressively. We recommend glass ons for those looking for a more solid flex.

The Pro Fish unlike most fish was designed to be surfed backside as well, given the changes to the bottom and curviness in the tail frees up the board to swivel in the pocket.

Twin Fin Boxes – Futures