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Brother Bar of Soap Surfboard


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The one board that will clean up anyones surfing.  This board will change the way you look at not only small wave surfing, but what is possible on something this small.   We recommend you ride your Soap 7″ shorter than your shortboard.  I am 6’0, 190lb and I ride my Soap at a 5’5 x 22 x 2.38.

This soap has been refined and refined.  We went into the new year with the mindset that we wanted the soap to be that one board that we made absolutely everything on the board.   So each soap now comes stock with custom template, hand foiled marine ply half moon fins, and a matching toe cracker leash drill through on the deck.
A couple of attributes of this board is the subtle curves of the nose and the tail. Nothing out of place, cleans lines work the best.  Pretty mellow rocker but enough tail kick to send it vertical in steeper sections.  I try to surf everyday of the week and this board never leaves my car.