SUPERbrand Fling Surfboard

Fin Box:

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The Fling Surfboard is designed as a shorter and more modern/high performance take on the keel fin fish, it has all the grooviness of the throwbacks with none of the weird oldness. It’s young, rad, and classy all at the same time. Crazy fast down the line, lots of lift, smooth and tight through carves, and progressive in the pocket. It’s versatile: it can be surfed assertively off the tail, or with light feet for those that love airs.

• Wide, fishy outline
• Low modern rocker
• Single to double concave to V off the tail
• Designed as a quad but available as a 5 fin
• SUPER wide rounded diamond tail
• Ride 6-8" shorter and the same volume as your favorite board
• Available in custom dimensions/specs

SUPERflex | Engineered flex & strength. Instead of relying on a wood stringer, SUPERflex instead uses the best core, fibers, and resin to have ultimate control over board response. All the flex and strength is in the surface of the board, resulting in a consistent feel tip to tail, rail to rail.

GRAPHIC 1 - Tail Patch
GRAPHIC 2 - Full Graphic