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Check out some our favorite Firewire surfboards from shapers like Dan Mann, Daniel Tomson, Nev Hyman, Rob Machado and more.

Learn more about Helium, FST, LFT, and TimberTek surfboard constructions.

If you do not see the model listed below you are interested in please browse our Special Order offering. 

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Firewire HE Baked Potato Surfboard


Firewire HE Seaside Surfboard


Firewire HE Seaside Surfboard with Color


Firewire LFT Vacay Surfboard


Firewire TT Vacay Surfboard


Firewire TT Viking Surfboard


Sale Firewire HE Chumlee Surfboard

$499.00 $785.00

Sale Firewire HE Spitfire Surfboard (Shipping Damage)

$499.00 $785.00

Sale Firewire LFT Evo Surfboard

$499.00 $765.00

Sale Firewire LFT Go Fish Surfboard

$499.00 $785.00

Sale Firewire LFT Midas Surfboard

$499.00 $765.00

Firewire LFT Addvance Surfboard


Firewire TT Baked Potato Surfboard


Firewire TT Greedy Beaver Surfboard


Firewire TT Special T Surfboard

$870.00 - $895.00