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Brother Channel Twin 6'3" Surfboard Lemon Drop

Australian Inspired Twin Fin designed to increase your wave count and allow you to explore a completely new sensation on a wave.

This model is super unique to Brothers line up of boards, it can be ridden as a shorter more eggy style of board or can be scaled up to be a mid length paddle machine. They took aspects of the Midlength Mind Explander and blended them with the Profish. Creating a Midlength / Eggy Performance Twin fin.

This board comes standard with 4 deep channels giving you bite and grip, channeling water through the exit of the tail. The twin keel fins give you tons of drive and projection, with a freeing sensation as you fly down the line.
Brother recommend this board with their signature channel twin template keel. The signature fin set has quite a bit of base and rake which blends perfectly with the longer rail line of the channel twin.

If ordering the channel twin as a 6’2 or under, you might want to consider the Profish Pivot Set as your fin choice. The Profish Pivot fin template works better with the shorter rail line on the smaller channel twins.

  • Poly
  • 2 Futures fin boxes
  • Handshaped and glassed by the Bracht brothers

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