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Brother Pro-Drive Keel Twin Fin Set


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Brother Pro-Drive Keels Fins available in Red and Blue Tint while supplies last. This was a collaboration with RainBow Fin Co.
This design was created to maximize drive out of an upright keel fin design. This is still an upright keel that can pivoted into the pocket but with more base to support longer rail line boards and larger surfers. Fast and loose just like our boards.
We have spent years testing other fins with our boards and they worked well but we always are striving for perfection. After hand foiling fin after fin in our shop we have finally reached a point where we feel that our designs truly maximize the potential of our board models. I am really happy with the end result.

These fins are specifically designed for the channel twin model from around 6’3 and up; or for someone that is looking for more drive and stability.

These fins can also be ridden in our Pro Fish model at around 5’9-5’10 and up; or for someone that is looking for more drive and stability.

Like any fin, these fins are designed to match a longer curved board, a longer drawn out wave, and or larger build surfer (+175lb). Perfect for lined up style waves. These fins give more drive, hold, and control while still capturing the loose and skatey feeling of a twin.

They are hand-foiled, hand crafted, made in the USA just like our boards.