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Brother Channel Twin Surfboard '21

Dimensions: 6 6 x 20.7 x 2.8

Price:  $ 799.00 
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Channel Twin Fin 

Australian Inspired Twin Fin designed to increase your wave count and allow you to explore a completely new sensation on a wave.
This model is super unique to our line up of boards, it can be ridden as a shorter more eggy style of board or can be scaled up to be a mid length paddle machine. We took aspects of our Midlength Mind Explander and blended them with our Profish. Creating a Midlength / Eggy Performance Twin fin.

This board comes standard with 4 deep channels giving you bite and grip, channeling water through the exit of the tail.  The twin keel fins give you tons of drive and projection, with a freeing sensation as you fly down the line.
We recommend this board with True Ames Hobie Keels or your favorite style of long base Twin fin template. If you are nervous about going all in on the Twin, we can throw a thruster box on it to ease your comfort