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Loaded Chinchiller Complete Skateboard

Compact and comfy, the Loaded Chinchiller is a carving and pumping board designed for maximum fun. Mild rocker and concave, subtle flex, and easy handling make it accessible and intuitive, while the symmetrical shape and mellow kicks offer the versatility to add a bit of freestyle and freeride spice to your daily ride.

• Length: 34″ / 86.4 cm

• Width: 8.5″ / 21.6 cm
• Wheelbase: 21″ / 53.3 cm
• Profile: rocker
• Flex: subtle

• Trucks: Paris V2 150mm 50° (raw)
• Wheels: Orangatang 65mm Love Handles (80a, orange)
• Bearings: Loaded Jehu V2
• Hardware: Loaded button head (1″)