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Loaded Ballona Complete Skateboard Willy

Agile, compact, and light, the Loaded Ballona elevates the mini cruiser experience. Meticulously sculpted curvatures result in a unique mini “longboard” with tuned steering and responsive handling. Perfect for urban commuting, people slalom, driveway slashing, pump tracks, and skatepark flow. Small in stature, colossal in character.

  • Loaded Ballona (Willy) deck
  • Paris V2 150mm 50° Raw trucks
  • Orangatang Knuckles (soft/orange) bushings
  • Orangatang 65mm Love Handles (80a, orange) wheels
  • Loaded Jehu V2 bearings
  • Loaded button head hardware (1″)
  • Assembled on outer (16″) wheelbase