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Quantum Atom Ceramic Hybrid Series Bearing Set

Sometimes you just need extra speed to clear the gap.

Atom series bearings can help. As with all of their bearing products, they only start with high purity, high quality carbon steel for the inner/outer rings, Si3N4 ceramic roller balls for enhanced frictional/thermal/shock/impact resistance, and high tensile strength retainers - these bearings are designed for speed and minimal pushing.

Each bearing is coated using their GraphFlo(TM) process and “burned” in at high speeds. All of their bearings are tested before they are packaged/shipped to ensure consistency and 100% performance right out of the box.

Each Atom Series Bearing Kit Includes:

  • 8 x atom hybrid-ceramic series bearings with GraphFlo(TM) ceramic technology

  • 8 x atom series bearing shields with micro-ring for easy application of lube while bearing is in wheel

  • 8 x speed washers

  • 3 stickers

Designed, coated, and packaged in their lab in Charlotte, NC.