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OBBC: October on the Banks

October 12, 2018



October has been so good to us already. The sunsets have been unreal, the beaches are less crowded and if you have 4-wheel drive and a permit, beach driving is a must! Not to mention... the waves have been great! Shell Shapes boards have been flying off the rack.

(Pictured: Jesse Hines getting his main course on a Shell Fish! Photo taken by Mike Leech)

Which Shell Shapes is Right for You
Shell Tech construction is totally new for 2018 and is inspired by Lynn's progressive use of materials in surfboard building.

The Shell Fish is a modern update to Lynn's most popular model of the 90's.  Taking notes from the original, he was able to improve and refine the board for a new generation.  Its user friendly profile makes it fun in almost any conditions.

Take a look at what our valued customers have to say:

"The step-down I've been looking for: a proper shortboard template with beautifully tapered rails and just the right amount of foam. She's blazing fast and loves to go on rail."
-Mike Harrelson, 60-year-old Grom from Montana

"I love this board! It's very versatile; works well in waist-high to overhead surf. It's responsive in the little stuff, and holds well on a bigger face. I grip it and rip it!" -Jesse Hines

"This is my third and most loved Shellfish! I'm 5'8" 155lbs and got the 5'8", 28.1 Liter board. I'm an experienced surfer and this board is ideal for waist to overhead waves.  I've found that it catches waves much easier than expected and performs well across a wise range of surf, from punchy small waves to overhead barrels."
-Jason Forrest


The Bottle Rocket is the perfect fit for summer time waves; a great option for a fast learning novice or an advanced surfer looking for a longboard alternative. This groveler features a wide outline with a single-slotted channel out of the tail.

"[I] purchased a Bottle Rocket days before the Florence swell arrived. It truly lives up to its name. I feel it's improved my surfing and my friends are tired of me raving about it! Thanks again, Lynn!"
-Downs Bozarth

"The Bottle Rocket--I wish I would of had it forever!"
-Willie Etheridge Jr.

"The BOTTLE ROCKET is magic!"
-Buck Rowlee

Come stop by the shop and see what the buzz on Shell Shapes is all about!



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October on the Banks
October 3, 2018. Avalon Pier. Photo courtesy of Brianna Diggs.


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