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Shell Shapes and Kong Technology Team Up

Shell Shapes and Kong Technology are working together to offer a wide selection of fine surfboards. All made locally on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Lynn Shell (Shell Shapes) and Matt Tatum (Kong Technology) have a combined 60+ years of surfboard building expertise creating designs ridden all over the world.

The key to the partnership is Lynn's deep catalogue of surfboard designs, the Aku shaping machine and Kong's proprietary glassing technique. AkuShaper is used by some of the top surfboard producers like Tokoro, Channel Islands, and Lost. 

Lynn has modernized his top hand shaped surfboard templates into a digital format. Digging deep in the archives to revive some past favorites and providing inspiration for future models. Having these digital templates allows Kong Technology to cut the foam surfboard blanks on the Aku shaping machine. This produces a perfectly cut board every time, ensuring you get exactly what you ordered.

Every Shell Shapes board is hand finished and inspected by Lynn before proceeding with the Kong Technology proprietary Gravity Glassing technique. This utilizes the highest quality s-fiberglass cloth, bio-based resins, best pressurized EPS foam blanks.

If you would like to experience what its like to ride your own surfboard by Shell Shapes / Kong Technology please browse some of what we have in stock below.
For more information or if you are interested in producing boards with Kong Technology please contact us via the form below.

If you wish to order a custom from Lynn Shell please click here.

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