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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I place an order outside of the United States?
We are happy to assist you with international shipping however there are limitations and restrictions on what and where we can ship product? Please contact us so we can help you with your specific needs.

How are surfboards packaged for shipping?
We take great care in making sure your new surfboard does not get damaged in shipping. Damages with our method are rare and often minor. First we wrap the nose and tail with foam padded cardboard. Next we create a box out of 1/2" XPS foam to perfectly fit the board. This gives a dense cushion completely around the board. Finally the board encased in foam is put into a surfboard shipping box and labeled as fragile.

How long will it take to recieve my shipment?
Order processing takes about 24 to 48 hours. Your shipping times will be calculated at checkout but as a rough guideline you can refer to this map. Surfboard shipment times are discussed in a separate FAQ

How long does will it take to recieve my new surfboard?
Surfboards that are in stock, in store will follow the standard shipping map shown in another FAQ.
Surfboards the are in stock but ship from the manufacturer will take about 3-4 weeks to be delivered.
Surfboards that are out of stock both in store and from the manufacturer will be custom made. Wait times vary between 6-12 weeks depending on manufacturer.


Can I order a custom surfboard?
We are happy to assist you in ordering a custom surfboard from any of the brands we carry. Please Contact Us and we will be able to personally help you with the order.

Do you repair damaged surfboards?
We do accept most surfboards for drop-off at our store front in Nags Head, NC. Repairs are done by one of the two repair facilities we are partnered with locally. We do not accept boards to be shipped in for repair, nor do we ship out boards once the repair is finished.


What equipment do you offer for rent?
We offer a variety of soft top surfboards and epoxy longboards. Our high performance surfboard selection is continuously changing, please check our rental stock list for the latest selection.

What comes with my surfboard rental?
Every surfboard rental comes with a basic fin set, leash and wax (if needed).

Do you rent wetsuits?
Unfortunately we do no offer wetsuits, boots, or gloves for rent.